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Who Is GP And What Do They Do?

GP stands for general practitioner. There are many other names of the GP such as the generalist and the physician. This is the kind of doctor who does not have any specialization in the particular area which means that the GP is trained to perform the treatment of the routine disease. These are the doctors who either work in the hospitals or have their private clinic and treat people against their daily life health problems such as the immunization, colds, coughs, fever and injuries. Their patients are usually regular and the patients involve people from different ages as well. For more information, please log on to

Everyone who has any kind of ailment first goes to the GP and then after the GP asses and evaluates the disease and finds out that this disease is severe and require the attention of the specialist then he redirects the patient towards the specialist of the field. Usually the staff who assist the GP consist of the nurses and the pharmacists.  

Even in order to become to GP, the education is quite long. First the students completed the graduation which is of 4 years and afterwards they complete a medical program which also is of 4 years and then they do their residency program which could be either of 1 or 2 years. These programs consist subjects from different fields and the students who are extra keen also practice in some private clinics during their study to gain experience and knowledge.  

It is not easy to get an admission in the medical school. Students needs to pass the entry test of the medicine which is MCAT and then their whole academic record is evaluated to shortlist them for the entry in the medical school. In their study in the medical school, students learn that how could they take the medical history of the patient and how could it help them to identify the disease of the patient. They also learn to perform many diagnoses test because the correct diagnoses are very much important in every field of the medicine.

In the final years of the students, they perform the house jobs in which they learn to practice under the supervision of the trained and experience doctor and this is where they actually learn how to attend patients and perform various treatment. When these four years complete then the GP must pass the exam for acquiring the medical license. This test is different for every state and after acquiring the license the gp in Melbourne CBD could practice medicine anywhere in the country either in his or her private clinic or in some hospital. Without a license, no doctor could continue his or her practice and this license needs to be renewed after some years.  travel-doc

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